VII Congress CIDUI 2012

The university: an institution of the society
4, 5 and 6 July


The traditional relationship between universities, government institutions and society has changed so quickly and to such an extent over the past few decades that it demands thorough analysis. The general theme of the 7th CIDUI will entail debate on the profound interconnection between academia, scientific knowledge and society.

Clearly, society’s traditional forms of trust in the university, based on the a priori principle of credibility and the institution’s rigour, have been replaced by other, more instrumental ones based on the conviction that efficiency and quality must be regulated by external agents and that they must be demonstrated and measured in competitive environments. The vision of the university as a socially responsible institution still gives rise to major doubts and debate in which the existence of not necessarily concurring institutional cultures becomes patent. At the 2011 CIDUI – CESE International Symposium, we observed the difficulty of reaching a consensus on these issues, so essential to university governance.

We understand that reflection and debate on the engagement of the university as an institution of society in the current information and knowledge framework are of capital importance, both in the short term and with a view to the 2020 horizon of the EU’s “Europe 2020” strategy.
This deep concern is slated to preside activities at the 7th International Congress on University Teaching and Innovation

We understand that reflection and debate on the commitment of the university, as an institution of society, in the current framework of information and knowledge.

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