10th Congress CIDUI 2018

General Regulations

General Regulations

  • The CIDUI aims to give as much flexibility as possible to the presentation of works in different forms and facilitate the particular preferences of the participants. They can present their works in one of the different means of communication (oral presentation or poster).
  • Proposal summaries and presentations may be in any of the official languages of the Conference (Catalan, Spanish and English). Please note that the proposal summary and the public presentation of the final paper during the conference must be presented in the same language.
  • The first author listed should be the person responsible for the paper, and therefore the contact person for e-mail communication with the conference organizers.
  • Paper proposals can be sent from 15th November 2017 until 21st January 2018 31st January 2018.
  • The Scientific Committee will decide which proposals to accept and whether a given proposal will be finally presented orally or by means of a poster. This decision will be based on the content of each proposal and the general organization of the sessions.
  • The Administration Office will notify the acceptance or rejection of the Proposal Summary by e-mailing the first author from 19th March 2018.
  • At least one of the authors of an accepted paper must be registered and should have paid the conference fees for it to be presented.
  • A person registered in the conference may submit up two papers as a principal author and they should send from your personal space of ConfTool platform.

Publication conditions

  • The certificates will be generated through the ConfTool platform, once the Congress is over.
  • All persons who have paid the registration and attended the congress will be able to download a Certificate via ConfTool Platform.
  • The Organization provides CIDUI delivered through the platform ConfTool Certificate of Communication to the author or authors who have completed the registration fee, have attended the conference and presented their communication.
  • The Organization certifies communications presented and defended in Congress, and not the authorship of the work.
  • All communications will be credited with a single category, “communication”, regardless of the format of presentation.


  • Certificate of having presented a communication: it will be given to all suitably identified participants at the conference who have presented a Paper.
  • All papers, independently of the presentation format, will be acknowledged through a single category -communication- both in their final publication and in the certificate issued to participants, and the same academic recognition is given to the different presentation formats.

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