10th Congress CIDUI 2018

Papers Proposals

Papers Proposals

Procedure for Presenting Papers Proposals

Before proceeding please read carefully the General Regulations

1. 10th CIDUI Registration

In order to present a paper at the conference, at least the author that will present the paper must register and pay the fees. The deadline for registration is 19th June 2018.
The entire process is done through a platform Conftool.

2. Submitting proposals

Dates: From 15th November 2017 to 21st January 2018 31st January 2018.

See the PROPOSAL template to send all papers. The organization will accept only paper with the template.

IMPORTANT. Aspects to fill the PROPOSAL template:

  • It allows copying text from other text editors.
  • All tables or graphics must be attached in JPEG format, at the end of the proposal.
  • Once attached a table or graphic, it can be replaced, but can NOT be removed.
  • Do not include the authors’ name in this template.
  • It allows saving the information and continue working at another time.
  • The template must be saved with the ID contribution generated by the platform Conftool.

Submitting: Trough the ConfTool platform

Notification of the resolution by the Scientific Committee: from 19th March 2018.

3. Submitting final version of papers

Dates: from 9th April to 15th June 2018.

The final text of the accepted papers (oral and poster presentations) will be sent through the CIDUI’s Journal platform by the FINAL template.

4. Submitting poster (only for papers with poster format)

The poster will be sent through ConfTool platform. More information: Poster presentation.

Dates: from 9th April to 15th June 2018.

5. Presenting papers during the Congress

More information: “Description of sessions”.

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