10th Congress CIDUI 2018

Poster presentation

Poster presentation

Posters are graphic exhibitions of innovation experiences. They will be exposed in spaces designed specifically for this purpose.

The posters will be exhibited during the session in which they are assigned. There will be poster sessions in different time slots. You can check the different sessions at the programme.

Content. The poster should include:

  • Title
  • Information about the author(s)
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Development
  • Key facts
  • Conclusions


  • Download Horitzontal CIDUI Logo
  • Download Vertical CIDUI Logo
  • The size of the posters will be a maximum of 120 cm (vertical) and 80cm (horizontal) with a clear reading from a distance of meter and a half (1.5 m).
  • Posters should be printed on paper, cardstock or photo paper. The material used should not be too thick or heavy, to ensure the setting on the panel.

Participation procedure: 

  • The author needs to send a digital version of the poster (JPEG or PDF) via the ConfTool platform, before 15th June of 2018.
  • In order to appear in the conference Proceedings, all authors must complete the original text that has already been evaluated by the Scientific Committee, following the FINAL TEMPLATE via CIDUI’s Journal platformbefore 15th June of 2018.
  • The author will be responsible for printing and delivering the poster. On his/her arrival to the Conference, he/she will be provided with a wood panel in which to fix the poster.
  • Also, authors should be the one placing the posters early (morning or afternoon) on the day assigned by the Scientific Committee for its exhibition. Conference staff will be around for any support needed. Authors are also required to remain in the session place during the presentation and debate. The posters must be removed once the session is complete.

All papers, irrespective of the means of presentation (oral, poster, e-poster or software), will receive the same accreditation (ie, “paper”) both in their final publications and in the certificates awarded to participants.

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