10th Congress CIDUI 2018




We are pleased to inform about the 10th CIDUI that will take place in Girona Conference Centre, next 4 – 6 July 2018.

The title of this edition is “Learning Spaces: agents of change at the university”. One of the most important consequences of the society of the knowledge is the transformation of the spaces and time for the learning. In the educational field, the needs of the new learners and the virtual world have opened a range of possibilities in this topic. A correct management of this new dimension has to motivate, stimulate and connect the learning further of the classrooms; the universities need to be connected with the surroundings and the society. How can we achieve coherence between the teaching methodologies and the spaces and time of learning?

This new edition of the CIDUI proposes to create a space of exchange and of analysis of studies, experiences and proposals that contribute knowledge on the new spaces and time of learning.


Topic 1: Physical learning spaces

  • Innovative experiences within the university (classrooms, libraries, laboratories, etc.)
  • Innovative experiences outside the university (external practices, dual training, field trips, Service- Learning, etc.)
  • Institutional programs to promote change in the use of spaces and environments
  • Planning of the learning and measurement of the formative time inside and outside the classroom

Topic 2: Virtual learning spaces

  • Experiences of applications and digital tools for learning
  • Innovative online training experiences
  • Use of emerging technologies (robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.)

Topic 3: University-society relationship

  • Experiences of sustainability and social responsibility
  • Secondary education – university transition
  • Third mission of universities (Courses for senior citizens, gender perspective, forums, etc.)
  • Transfer of teaching and innovation

Topic 4: Professional development

  • Teaching skills in new learning spaces and time
  • Strategies for teaching collaboration
  • Teacher training programs and experiences
  • Innovative experiences of teacher teams
  • Evaluation of the quality and teaching improvement actions

Per aquesta nova edició del CIDUI, es proposa crear un espai d’intercanvi i d’anàlisi d’estudis, experiències i propostes que aportin coneixement sobre els nous espais i temps d’aprenentatge.

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