10th Congress CIDUI 2018



The venue of the 10th CIDUI is the University of Girona, it is a public institution that integrates into the system of Catalan public universities, excels in teaching and research and participates in the progress and development of society, through the creation, transmission, dissemination and criticism of science, technology, humanities, social sciences, and health and the arts. It is an economic and cultural engine of its environment, and expresses its vocation of universality and openness to all the traditions, advances and cultures of the world.

The 10th CIDUI will take place at Girona Conference Centrethat is Just 10 minutes’ walk from the Historic Quarter and the train station (high-speed line), it boasts an unbeatable location in the city that makes it easy for attendees to reach the centre. The building is situated in Devesa Park, the city’s green lung and a protected area with over 2,000 hundred-year-old trees.

Plan of the Girona Conference Centre.

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