11th Congress CIDUI 2020




The title of this edition is “Beyond competencies: new challenges in a digital society”. The current university world is witnessing a clear transformation that entails the emergence of new training challenges as a result of the changes that society is experiencing (technological, social, political, cultural, environmental …). Challenges related, among others, to the emergence of new student profiles who demand new teaching and learning models that include emerging professional profiles and the application of new organizational models in higher education.

The transformation of teaching strategies and university systems, from the creation of knowledge and innovative practices, must allow the university, as a social agent, to respond to a new generation of students who learn in a different way as a result of the Digital era in conjunction with local and global changes.


Topic 1: Students in the digital age

  • New profiles, skills and learning methods for the construction of their own formative Project throughout their life
  • The transition from high school to university
  • Innovative experiences of interaction between students and professors
  • Student participation in the university

Topic 2: Architecture and learning spaces.

  • Innovative experiences within the university (classrooms, laboratories, etc)
  • Innovative experiences outside of the university (external practices, final bachelor´s and master´s thesis, dual training, international mobility, etc)
  • Use of emerging technologies (robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.)
  • Application of learning analytics and neuroscience.

Topic 3: University-society relationship

  • Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Teaching and learning focused around gender perspective
  • Service-Learning experiences
  • Cooperation between the university and business

Topic 4: Professional Development

  • Teaching skills in the context of new challenges
  • Teacher training programs and experiences
  • Innovative experiences for teacher teams
  • Evaluation of the quality and teaching improvement actions

For this new edition of CIDUI, it has been proposed to address current and future challenges of higher education in relation with the emergence of new student profiles that demand new teaching and organizational strategies.

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