Official Statements by the CIDUI Organization Committee about the affectations related to COVID-19

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 

Dear all,

Following the commitment made in April 1st in the last communicate, the Organizing Committee held a meeting to study the options to celebrate this CIDUI 2020. It analyzed the different implications of each scenario and followed closely the evolution of the COVID-19 using the last data made available by the authorities.

To ensure the security of all the participants and prioritizing the principle of maximum caution in front of the existing uncertainties the organization has decided to postpone the celebration of the CIDUI congress. The 11th edition named “Beyond competencies: new challenges in a digital society” will be celebrated in July of 2021.

During its 20 years of history the CIDUI congress has established as a space for face-to-face meetings and exchange of experiences between higher education professionals from all over the world. We have wanted to respect as much as possible these characteristics.

The accepted contributions, the registration and payments made so far will be registered for the 2021 edition. The administrative steps will be established from now on. The technical secretariat of CIDUI will be developing and adapting the various processes to this decision, so we ask for your understanding in this new management of CIDUI and to send any inquiry to

As organizers of the congress, we regret not being able to celebrate this event and share with all of you the contributions prepared for this occasion as well as presenting the different experiences of teaching innovation that we have received. However, from now on, we are working to turn a situation of maximum complexity into a situation that generates new opportunities. We are already preparing new spaces for participation in the coming months and until the new celebration of the congress. We will keep you informed.

We remain at your disposal for any queries or questions.

Best regards,

CIDUI Organization Committee 

Wednesday, April 1st 2020 

Dear all,

In front of the global sanitary emergency produced by the evolution of COVID-19, the CIDUI congress Organization Committee is following closely the evolution of the pandemic and would like to express our support to all the affected and the professionals implicated in the control of this global crisis.

The evolution in the last weeks has generated a lot of uncertainty in the realization of events programmed for the following months. Considering that the situation is rapidly changing and that there’s still more than 3 months for the celebration of the congress. The organization is working with the idea to celebrate the 11th edition in the dates that were planned. Always working to guaranty the wellbeing of the participants.

Even though the severity of the situation, we think that there is still a long period of time before the congress and the pandemic by then could have reduced its importance.

That is why we think that in this moment is better to wait to the next weeks to take any definitive or alternative decisions. Nevertheless, for your peace of mind, the organization agrees to:

  • Inform of any change in the program and of any prevision depending on the evolution of the events.
  • Establish the mechanisms to allow the people who already has made their registration to get their money back in case there was any alteration to the program due to the COVID-19. For the same reason, we are asking that if you haven’t made the payment yet, wait until new notice. We will send the notice through email and it will also be available for consultation on our website.

We want to be careful, and the Organization Committee will follow the recommendations given by the sanitary authorities at every moment. But we want to repeat our confidence to celebrate the CIDUI 2020 with the maximum normality.

We are at your disposition for any question or doubt you may have,


CIDUI Organization Committee