Publication CIDUI

University Teaching and Innovation

Evolution and challenges through the CIDUI

Authors: Salvador Carrasco Calvo, Ignacio de Corral

Theme: Higher education

Editorial Octaedro, July 2018


The CIDUI experience has been an unforgettable learning process for us all. At the time of writing these introductory pages, we had doubts about the topics that should be included. Maybe the ideas and great debates about the university question and the challenges of the future, or the contributions made by its conferences to knowledge for improving teaching and innovation in our lecture halls. Maybe the complicity with our respective and successive rectorships, or the proximity and trust of faculty, which have lent full meaning to the institutional efforts made and have always filled us organisers with pride. Or perhaps the exemplary cooperation between the members of the human team that has made it possible to hold ten conferences that have been both interuniversity and intergenerational, and have featured such diverse professional profiles, or the confidence put in us by our respective universities. After analysing what has happened over these years, we believe that the seven issues that are discussed below are the ones that most deserve to be highlighted.


Prologue (Josep M. Vilalta)

  1. Introduction: some lessons learned from CIDUI (Salvador Carrasco Calvo, Ignacio del Corral, Josep M. Tatjer)
  2. The CIDUI congresses (Salvador Carrasco Calvo)
  3. A road to innovation built by university instructors: An analytic perspective (Maite Martínez)
  4. University teaching culture. (Antoni Perez-Poch, Joan Domingo, Maica Sanz, David López)
  5. Flexible educational models: A response to current needs. (Óscar Flores, Isabel del Arco, Patricia Silva)
  6. Quality and assessment in Higher Education. (Jorge Pérez)
  7. The impact of innovation on teaching and learning (Helena Benito Mundet, Magüi Pérez Cabaní, Carme Saurina Canals)
  8. The University: An institution of society. (Núria Ruiz, Manel Fandos)
  9. University education after 2020: Trends, challenges and new scenarios. (Cristina Girona, Lourdes Guàrdia, Xavier Mas)