La utilización de técnicas de e-learning en los másteres interuniversitarios

Carolina Villacampa, Nuria Torres


The specialization of knowledge requires very specific curricular offers which often involve a number of geographical transfers of teachers and students. In order to design a specialized teaching, universities can join their teaching staff in interuniversity studies. In these cases reconciling environmental and economic sustainability can be favored by the use of online methodologies. Balancing presential and online teaching has been the basis of the inter-university Master in Criminal Justice System, coordinated by the UDL, and provided also by the URV, UJI and UA, with the collaboration of the UV and UAB

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ISSN: 2385-6203

Edita: CIDUI Congrés Internacional de Docència Universitària i Innovació

Vila Universitària. Local F2.1. Campus UAB - Bellaterra