Analysis of two evaluation systems for biologia celular practicals involving student team work

Rosa Maria Belda, Fernando Fornes, Consuelo Monerri, Sergio G. Nebauer, Milagros Del Saz, Penny MacDonald, Debra Westall


Two evaluation systems were analyzed for students of Biología Celular:a questionnaire based on each practical vs. a scientific paper based on one of the practicals. Assessment of both evaluation systems was based on qualitative analysis of students’ and lecturers’ perceptions of the activities and on quantitative analysis of student marks for each activity. Unexpected themes but relevant issues emerged from the qualitative analysis that would have been overlooked by the lecturers if quantitative analysis alone had been used.

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ISSN: 2385-6203

Edita: CIDUI Congrés Internacional de Docència Universitària i Innovació

Vila Universitària. Local F2.1. Campus UAB - Bellaterra