The Catalan news agency: a unique professional training model in journalism teaching

Christopher Tulloch, Lluís Mas Manchón


In 2010 the Universitat Pompeu Fabra –a public university in the heart of Barcelona- embarked on a unique joint venture in the field of journalism training in conjunction with the Agència Catalana de Notícies, the Catalan government news agency. The idea behind the project was to offer an English-language wire service aimed mainly at foreign correspondents, investors and policymakers which would take a look at current events from a specifically Catalan stand point. This paper analyses the first four years of the Catalan News Agency experiment from an educational,professional and journalism perspective.

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ISSN: 2385-6203

Edita: CIDUI Congrés Internacional de Docència Universitària i Innovació

Vila Universitària. Local F2.1. Campus UAB - Bellaterra