Comunica-Media. Uso de la grabación de clases, el screencast y la videoconferencia en el aula

Sandra Aguirre, Enrique Barra, Juan Quemada, Maria Angeles Mendiola, Jose Ygnacio Pastor, Maria Estibaliz Martinez, Rafael Herradon, Marina Álvarez, Joaquin Salvachua, Raquel Portaencasa


Technology is present in everyday tasks. It is improved and spreads among users and common tasks almost without noticing it. It is convenient and necessary that learning systems adapt and take advantage of what these new technologies can offer. This way learning systems can motivate teachers and students by offering them more interactive and complete contents. In this paper we explain the experience of using lecture recording, screencast and videoconference capabilities in different subjects in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. We evaluate how teachers and students adapt to the change that the introduction of these new technologies supposes.

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ISSN: 2385-6203

Edita: CIDUI Congrés Internacional de Docència Universitària i Innovació

Vila Universitària. Local F2.1. Campus UAB - Bellaterra