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In CIDUI presents many improvement initiatives that in many cases, anticipate the future and changes that will come to the University about teaching and learning. Analysing the evolution of the eight conferences organized, it suggests that Catalan public universities are putting the foundations of a new situation. t should also be noted that the quality of the experiences presented at conferences are improving and that university teaching progresses silently and discreetly.

Congreso Tema Sede
I CIDUI (2000) Teaching University and Innovation UAB, Hospital Sant Pau
II CIDUI(2002) Teaching University and Innovation URV, Facultat d’Educació i Psicologia
III CIDUI (2004) Teaching University and Innovation UdG, Campus Barri Vell
IV CIDUI (2006) Teaching competence UB, Facultat d’Econòmiques
V CIDUI (2008) The change in the teaching university culture UdL, Campus de Cappont
VI CIDUI (2010) New spaces of quality in the higher education UPC, Campus Nord
VII CIDUI (2012) The university: an institution of the society UPF, Campus Ciutadella
VIII CIDUI (2014) Flexible training models: a response to the current needs URV, Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona
IX CIDUI (2016) Teaching and learning innovation impacts UAB Hotel Campus (Bellaterra)

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