Symposia CIDUI


Between congress and congress CIDUI convenes an International Symposium on relevant issues of university teacher training and innovation in Higher Education. They are meetings of experts and academic leaders of the universities that organize the congresses. With this initiative, CIDUI intends to provide a service in the organizing universities and contribute to inter-university exchange on the reality of Higher Education in Europe and the rest of the world. The table below shows the importance of the topics discussed and the objective interest of the debate shared between international experts and academic academics on issues of undoubted academic relevance.

Año Tema Sede
2001 Initial training of university teachers and their evaluation IDES UAB
2003 The teacher portfolio ICE UPC
2005 World of Work and University UAB-CIC
2007 The design of teaching competence ICE UPC
2009 Teaching, research and learning ICE UB
2011 Towards creative governance in higher education eLearn Center UOC
2013 Students and graduates today. The response of universities IDES UAB
2015 Evaluation and institutional changes: where are we going? ICE UPC
2017 Professional development ICE UB

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